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Great Patriotic War June 22, 1941 - May 9, 1945

Being honest, I always try to stay away from this topic because it scares me. I’ve never watched movies about the war, don’t like to read books about the war times: I’m afraid of being mentally weak, even for a moment. But sometimes I’m BEING made to feel the pain, to think of this tragedy and I am really thankful to our teachers, veterans, school mates who make us nearly burst into tears by bringing back the painful memories. 2 of my grandmother’s brothers were at the war, one of them never came back. It has touched every single family. It’s terrible how people can be so madly aggressive towards the others. How can a man kill a woman, an old, a CHILD??? Thousands, MILLIONS of destroyed lifes. We must NEVER forget this.

It should have taught us so many things, but there are somehow still war and conflicts on the planet


Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

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